"Forever in love with the cows’ species, Carine Légeret-Ebener stages those animals with much humor and imagination on canvas or earthenware.

She only paints cows, ruminants created by her fantasy featuring a red cross or blue spots, sometimes skinny or really fat, black and white but also green, yellow, red, blue or multicolor.

Likewise in fields each cow bears a name, Kodak, Bidon, Dupont Dupont, Gribouille, Joséphine, Romaine, Mounia, Ruth.


Carine Légeret-Ebener, a Wallis native, became a master in various painting techniques from watercolor to acrylic or gouache, oil and linocut. She frames the works painted on linen or suede herself. She also created a very pretty tableware collection".

(translated from Le Nouvelliste, Le mémento culturel, vendredi 3 août 2007).

The herd is currently displayed at Atelier BV5, avenue de Belleveaux 5 in Neuchâtel.


Since her very first exhibit in Crans-Montana in 2002, many others took place in Verbier, Sion, St Moritz, Cortaillod, Champéry, Villars, Vercorin, Loèche les Bains, Corcelles-Cormondrèches.

Carine Légeret-Ebener has opened a pop-up store "Les Filles d'Ici" with her friend Monique Dollfus-Lorétan, rue centrale, 8 on the snowy slopes of Crans-Montana.


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